Lesson 28 – Business is Synergistic

Lesson 28 - Business is Synergistic

We find many times in business that our clients face the same types of opportunities and challenges that we do. We see business models that are similar to ours. We learn how our clients’ business development and sales cycles parallel ours. Maybe that’s just the B2B world, but it’s uncanny. LammTech is one of those firms that’s a lot like ours, only they’re in the tech industry. I guess that’s why we’ve enjoyed the success of working together over the years. When they had the need to help them develop their strategy and branding (not logos, but branding), they came to us and we helped them develop tools they could use to promote their business. When we needed IT support to help secure our systems and privacy, we turned to them. That’s a real synergy and another great reason to do business with people who do business with you. Win-win. Thanks, LammTech for helping us be successful, as a client, and as a technology partner.