Using a Brand Platform to Help You Make Your Business Stand Out

Whether you’re just starting out, re-engineering your business, or growing an already successful company, a brand platform is an important tool to help you differentiate yourself from others in your field. By focusing on your brand positioning, you can make this drive your communications with your target markets.

Communication happens in a variety of ways, stretching farther than just direct contact. It also includes your logo, tagline, advertising and social media. Not having a strong sense of your brand could be detrimental to these communications by confusing the customer with mixed messages, or even leaving out your strongest differentiating advantages.

Defining and communicating your brand platform puts you in control of how the public sees your company. Being in control allows you to keep the most important aspects of your brand at the forefront of all communications.

Once you integrate your platform into everything you do, your brand becomes more easily recognizable and memorable. For customers, knowing who your company is and what you stand for helps build brand loyalty.

We have put together an infographic with our approach to building a brand platform and consequently, brand equity (value). It explains what exactly a brand platform is, why it is important, the parts of a brand platform, and how to get started.

Take a look, and be sure to bookmark and share so you can refer to it later!

Brand Platform Infographic