Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads in 2023

Our Tops Super Bowl Ads of 2023

Super Bowl Sunday can be considered the mecca of entertainment. From the big game and halftime show to the parties and commercials, it really has something for everyone. And, 2023 did not disappoint. For the first time in years, both the game and the commercials had us glued to the TV from kick-off to the…

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Why Your Brand Matters

A notepad on a desk with someone drawing a chart for why branding is important

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Although not tangible, it is seen, recognized and shared amongst the public. Your brand should invoke feelings from your customers. It is why shoppers will bypass the competition and choose your product, even if the price is higher. Your favorite sports team has a uniform. People…

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Creating a Big, Bold Brand

OUTdrive Episode 105 with Karley Cunningham

OUTdrive Episode 105 with Karley Cunningham When it comes to “branding,” there is a lot of ambiguity. What is a brand? Can you measure how a brand works? How do you use it as part of a marketing plan? This is where our guest Karley Cunningham, a branding strategist and “Big Thinker,” comes into play.…

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Branding Strategies

Family watching TV at Christmas - Branding Strategies

The holidays were a great time to relax, unwind and watch some TV (since it was zero degrees outside). I really don’t ever do that but because of the conditions, I did spend time on the couch. One thing that struck me was the number of well-branded TV commercials that ran during this time period.…

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Using a Brand Platform to Help You Make Your Business Stand Out

Whether you’re just starting out, re-engineering your business, or growing an already successful company, a brand platform is an important tool to help you differentiate yourself from others in your field. By focusing on your brand positioning, you can make this drive your communications with your target markets. Communication happens in a variety of ways,…

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Brand Confusion to Brand Consistency

Build a Consistent Brand

You cannot escape the power of the brand.  Whether you’re the type that only buys “brand name” products or you simply don’t care, brands are everywhere.  No matter where you go you and your family are reminded of, enticed by, and sold on brands.  The brand is powerful because it tells a story.  It tells…

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How Clear is Your Marketing Message?

Is your marketing message clear enough to speak to your target audience without bogging them down with too much info? This blog may help. Whether or not you know it, you are always communicating with your customers and potential customers. Your marketing message is a 24-hour a day communication tool that is out there to…

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What's Your Competitive Advantage?

Recently, I read a quote by Michael Porter who said, “Competitive strategy is about being different.  It means deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver a unique mix of value.” I couldn’t agree more, but determining your competitive advantage can be challenging to do. Here are some questions you might ask yourself or…

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