Our Top Super Bowl 2024 Ads

Touchdowns and Teasers

Super Bowl Sunday has become quite the national holiday for some. Whether it’s the big game, the long-awaited halftime show, or the hilarious and sometimes heart-warming commercials keeping you on the edge of your seat, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Oh, and let’s not forget about the snacks!

Each year, we compile a list of our favorite advertising moments from the night, highlighting the creativity and strategy used to captivate America’s attention. Breaking it down into four categories (overall favorites, top humor, top strategy and honorable mention), we’re bringing you our top picks. Read on to see what made our list and why.

Overall Favorites

Dunkin’ Donuts – ‘The DunKings’

Dunkin’ Donuts had a phenomenal performance in last year’s Super Bowl ad lineup, yet they outdid themselves this year. The commercial starts out with Ben Affleck reflecting on when J-Lo showed up to his work in last year’s spot. This year, he barges into the recording studio where J-Lo works with his fellow “DunKings” Matt Damon and Tom Brady. The ad certainly brought lots of laughter, yet also made a great marketing tool for the brand.

Uber Eats – Don’t Forget Uber Eats

Uber Eats strikes again! From the moment we saw the teaser with Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, we were hooked. The brand wanted the public to know they do more than just food. I think it’s safe to say no one will forget that now.

Kawasaki: Mullets

With our strong connection to rural America, one that stood out to a few of us was Kawasaki’s ad for their newest side-by-side, the Kawasaki Ridge. Not only does it speak to us and our target audiences, it provided a bit of comedic relief by featuring the typically bald “Stone Cold” Steve Austin with a full-blown mullet. The brand perfectly encapsulated its product with the “business in the front, party in the back” tagline.


State Farm – Like A Good Neighbaaa

The room filled with laughtaaa when we all recollected State Farm’s ad featuring Arnold Schwarzenneger. The insurance brand has always caught the audience’s attention with their comical commercials and their popular “Jake from State Farm” commercial series, so we’re not surprised to see a creative ad from them. We enjoyed Arnold’s take on their brand’s tagline “Like A Good Neighbor” and think (hope) his version might stick around for a bit.

Hellman’s – Mayo Cat

Hellman’s caught our attention almost instantly with Mayo Cat and its message about eliminating food waste. We’re all guilty of it. It seems they casted the perfect star, given Kate McKinnon’s well-known love for cats and … mayo? Who else takes the versatile condiment by the spoonful? Once we got past the slight urge to gag, it was all giggles at Mayo Cat from there.

E-Trade – Picklebabies

Any commercial featuring babies instantly earns a spot among our top picks. E-Trade did a great job pulling in the audience first by showing adorable babies, then by spotlighting Pickleball, a trending recreational activity and fan-favorite among a few in the office.


Skechers: Mr. T – The Only T in Skechers

Skechers set the record straight on how to spell the brand name correctly, but made it comical with Mr. T. We can’t think of a better platform to educate millions than a Super Bowl ad. Like many consumers, you’ve probably been spelling Skechers with a “T”, but the only “T” in Skechers is Mr. T. While they had our attention, the brand also took the opportunity to portray the versatility of their product.

Etsy – Gift Mode

How else do you thank another country for the gift of an artifact that would someday become a renowned statue visited by millions of people each year? A custom-carved cheese board, of course. Etsy chose to use their screen time to build trust with their consumers, highlighting themselves as THE place to shop for gifts, and providing a little humor along the way. If the French love their custom cheese board from Etsy, your mother-in-law will, too.


Volkswagen – An American Love Story

We loved the nostalgia of Volkswagen’s ode to its 75-year history and found ourselves taking a walk down our own memory lanes. The brand portrayed themselves as a trusted automotive company and perfectly set the stage for the debut of their latest product, a spinoff of the original Microbus.

Bet MGM – Tom Has Won Enough

Now, we’re not encouraging sports betting here, but we do appreciate a good ad when we see one. We love the many appearances Tom Brady is making on our screen, even now that he’s not on the field. Bet MGM shares the message that their services are for everyone … except Tom Brady. He’s won too much, it’s time to let the rest of us have our turn.

Pluto TV – Couch Potato Farms

Pluto TV combined streaming services and farming in one ad and this rural America marketing agency is here. for. it. The commercial features Pluto TV country, where they grow couch potatoes. They also highlight the streaming services’ many shows and movies, proving there is something for everyone on Pluto. We have to say, though, the best marketing move they made was at the end where they key in on their “Stream Now. Pay Never.” slogan. With the many streaming providers raising prices and households having to cut back on the number of providers they subscribe to, Pluto TV is setting themselves apart from their competitors.