Building a New Brand

OUTdrive Episode 150 with Marissa Ivie

OUTdrive episode 150 with Marissa Ivie

Organizations, businesses and people change. Consequently, brands need to change to reflect a renewed mission, vision or purpose. Recently, Callis helped Center for Human Services rebrand with a new visual identity, new messaging and imagery, a new website and a comprehensive marketing communications program. Center for Human Services is a world class organization in the heart of Missouri that serves thousands of individuals across the state with developmental and behavioral challenges. Marissa Ivie is CHS’s Director of Outreach and Communications, and she recognized the need for a new brand and advocated to make it happen. The result is a refreshed look and feel that has reinvigorated the organization and positioned it to capitalize on the substantial growth CHS is experiencing.

Listen in for Marissa’s take on when to rebrand, the process and the results.