A Powerful Trade Show

Recently I spent a week in Baltimore at the annual Electric Power trade show. It was my third time attending the event, which is a show geared to utilities, independent power producers, equipment and service providers. I was there representing ProEnergy Services. As their marketing partner, we help them prepare for the show by designing and building their display, handling all the logistics and details of the show, implementing show marketing plans, having literature ready and meeting with media.

In a world suffering from economic stress, there sure seemed to be a lot going on. Here are some of the things that I picked up at the show.

  1. There is a lot of discussion about renewable energy and particularly biomass projects. With the challenges and media attention on off-shore drilling, renewable offers an opportunity to produce power without some of the environmental issues. It is gratifying to know that both our city, Sedalia, Missouri and our clients, ProEnergy and State Fair Community College, are involved in innovative biomass projects.
  2. Capital is still scarce for investment into power production projects. It’s not that the money isn’t there. It’s just that there are more strings attached to securing the funds for investors and more scrutiny on their financial capabilities.
  3. Much of the activity occurring within the industry right now is overseas. There are a lot of areas around the world that have dire need for power, so that’s where the money is flowing. As the economy rebounds, the domestic market should rebound as well.
  4. India appears to be a hot spot for new project development.

As a side note, I want to say that Baltimore is a great convention city. A 20 minute cab ride from the airport puts you in the Inner Harbor Area, which is adjacent to the convention center, and close to a variety of nice hotels, great restaurants and entertainment. So, you can stay in one of the nearby hotels and walk wherever you want to go. It’s perfect for a conventioneer.

At Callis, we’re working to build our presence in the power industry by building a network of media contacts, influencers, clients and prospective clients. Every show we attend enables us to expand this network and our ability to make things happen for our clients. Next up is PowerGen in December. Look for us there. We would love to meet you.