Football & Marketing Agencies – What Could They Possibly Have in Common?

Give us the ball with Callis logo

It’s football season and for many people, that means lining up tailgate parties, picking fantasy league teams and making plans for Homecoming (which by the way started in Missouri at Mizzou). Whether you like football or not, we find that it’s a great analogy for our agency and how we service clients. It helps our clients better understand how we can work with them and how to use us to help them grow their business.

For some, we serve as their quarterback, their QB, their team leader. Our client, the coach, gives us their goals, we develop the game plan together and we execute the marketing plan to perfection. We pass the ball to a media or production partner when the plan calls for that or we run it ourselves.

For other clients, we’re their speedy running back. They call the play, hand us the ball and we’re quickly off and running, whether it be with a digital marketing assignment, creative advertising campaign or building a new website.

For others, we’re their trusty linebacker who digs in and tackles their tough sales and marketing problems head on – hitting them hard – and turning them around.

You see, at Callis, we can play many positions and take on a variety of roles for our clients. It’s one of the great reasons to hire an integrated marketing agency rather than filling a single position on the roster. When you hire a firm like ours, you not only get an outside perspective that is invaluable to a client, you get a whole team of professionals who work together to help the client score (think Marketing Directors scoring points with their VP or CEO’s scoring points with their board or boards scoring points with their shareholders.) We’re talking about success in business.

In fact, we function in some cases as the marketing department for a client, even though they may have support staff. We may round out a marketing team, reporting to the Marketing Director, but providing expertise in digital media or some of our other services. Or, we may function in a single role, such as using our Google certified training to research, plan and run search engine marketing programs that generate leads and attract new customers.

Our experience, expertise and flexibility enables us to fill in where a client needs us. Have a need? We have a player or a whole team to fill it.

What position can we play for your team? We would love to try out for you. Hike. The ball’s yours.