Marketing Insights: A Business Mindset

roller coaster tracks

I’ve been thinking about writing about a business mindset for some time now. In fact, I’ve visited with my team about it on multiple occasions. But I’ve been holding off until I really had a day to remember. Monday was that day.

Business is Like a Roller Coaster

Let me start by saying that when you’re in business, you’re going to experience both the exhilaration of new customers and profitable years and the letdown that comes from losing customers and losing money. To be successful long term, you have to have the business mindset that good things and bad things are going to happen. Like a roller coaster, things are going to go up, twist and turn and they’re going to go down too. And, it can all happen really quickly. In fact, you can have the ups and downs the very same day. Maybe that’s why I don’t like roller coasters.

So the day started much like any other day. I got up early, read the news and exercised before I got ready for work. Before breakfast, I received an email from one of the hot prospects we’ve been working for a few weeks requesting a time for a call that day, so I responded and set it up. I assumed it was either going to be good news or bad. Only time would tell.

When I got into the office, things were hopping as they normally are when the week kicks off. There was a positive energy as there is most days and a good vibe. That afternoon we would be onboarding a new client and working through their kickoff campaign plan, one of the most energizing (and top of the roller coaster) things we do. All was good.

When the call came in, I knew immediately what the news was by the tone of our prospect’s voice. He was very professional in making the call when I knew it had to be awkward for him (and me too). He complimented us and said we made the decision hard because of the strong pitch we gave them. He was empathetic and friendly. I appreciate that.

After a few more minutes of exchanging what-if’s, we made plans to have a cup of coffee at the next trade show, and I started to make the rounds and give the bad news. This is truly one of the hardest parts of my job, because while I was terribly disappointed, I didn’t want to show it. Life goes on even after we lose the deal. I had to keep my chin up, rah rah the troops and move on. And I did.

Later that afternoon, we had the new client onboarding session and kicked off what we both hope will be a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. It was invigorating, plus we got the direction we needed to get started on a new digital campaign to drive store traffic.

In business, there are ups and there are downs, just like life. There are twists and turns and sometimes you feel like you are upside down or just hanging on. But, if you can learn to establish a business mindset and stay positive and optimistic, you can run a successful business for a long time. Just be ready to hold on for the ride!