Tried and True Messaging Strategies

Tried and True Messaging Strategies

In marketing, many things change but some remain the same. As new trends emerge, brands must remember the power of proven messaging strategies that provide results. Whether it is radio, video or a news release, brands have the opportunity to incorporate messaging strategies that have been used for decades to provide powerful results.

Capitalize on Personal Connections

Working in marketing and advertising, we are provided the opportunity to make connections with others each and every day. Whether it is through a radio spot that listeners hear while they’re getting ready for work, or a social media post, brands have more ways than ever to establish and nurture personal connections with their audiences. These personal connections enable customers to be more receptive to your brand and products or services.

For example, radio and audio advertising programs provide brands a great opportunity to connect with listeners. Many people listen to their favorite programs at the same time every day, such as the morning commute or cooking dinner in the evening. The consistency and familiarity of hearing the same person’s voice establishes a relationship between two strangers. This connection makes radio so powerful. This idea was true fifty years ago and continues to remain true today.

As advertisers, you may not be on the air hosting a radio show. However, the concept of personal connections between listeners and hosts extends to other areas of advertising as well. To use video as an example, the on-screen talent or main characters form a relationship with viewers over the course of a video. No matter the platform, brands must remember the value of relationships creating content.

Be Consistent

Consistency has stood the test of time and continues to remain important in marketing efforts today. Audiences want to know what they can expect from a company in all areas, whether it’s quality products, honest service or familiar messages. Communicating with consistency is also necessary for messages to stick with customers.

As humans, we appreciate familiarity and having consistent messaging components means your audience will feel like they truly know your brand. You know how it goes. You see a clever commercial once and don’t think anything of it. Throughout the week, you turn on the T.V. and see it a few more times, and before you know it, you remember the whole commercial.

Customers that have this connection with brands are more likely to try your product when presented with options. For example, if a member of your target audience is in the market for a new kitchen appliance and is presented with three similar options, they are most likely to select the one they are most familiar with.

As brands and technology have evolved over time, the art of storytelling remains the same. No matter the platform, approaching challenges with creativity and consistency means you stand out from the crowd and are able to connect with audiences in a meaningful way.

Be Direct

Being in the right place at the right time will only provide results if you communicate efficiently and effectively. As professionals, one of the most important things to understand is that customers lead busy lives. They listen to the radio while driving to work, turn the T.V. on while cooking dinner and scroll social media to relax after a long day. To effectively reach them and communicate your message, your messaging must be straightforward–short, sweet and to-the-point.

The busy lives of our customers continue to present a challenge for marketers across all channels. Understand that your audience is selective about how free time is used and build your message to quickly meet their needs, no matter the channel. Make the product and message clear. Customers typically have a need and brands need to meet that need, so make it easy for your audience to achieve the result they want. Consistent, relevant and efficient messages will stick with your audience.

These simple ideas are tried and true for a reason. They are effective and continue to provide results for brands, no matter the campaign, method or target audience they are being utilized for. If you understand your audience and craft your message using these strategies, you are sure to make connections that will bring value to your company over time.