Let’s go Live!

man holding phone taking live video

I have grown up with social media since the popularity of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and MySpace. I have seen social sites rise and fall. The internet and cell phones have changed the way we view the world. Live video is helping shape that new view. In fact, according to Vimeo Livestream, 82% of people prefer live video from a brand over more traditional social posts.1 According to Wordstream, Facebook Live videos receive five times more engagement than standard photo posts on the platform.2

Social users are drawn to live video because it is authentic. It is genuine and real, and it is happening at the moment as they are tuning in. In addition, social platforms like Facebook’s algorithms favor live video over other types of content. This creates a great opportunity for companies to humanize their brand, tell their story, connect with followers in a meaningful way and boost social reach, engagement and interaction.

When to use Live Video for Business

There are many situations where it can be effective to incorporate live video into your social media content program. New product launches, product demonstrations, plant or office tours, giveaways, answering customer questions in real time, or broadcasting an event some people aren’t able to attend can all be great things to share via live video. Live video provides “here and now” access to your brand and can effectively communicate your company’s culture.

Live Video Tips

Talking Points – Create a list of talking points that you would like to cover in your video and have them on hand while you’re recording. Creating a list of talking points helps in preparation and it can also serve as a backup if you or a member of your team loses their train of thought while the camera is rolling.

Follower Engagement – Your followers will enjoy feeling like you value their opinion, so allow them opportunities to engage with you during your video and respond to questions. This becomes a nice value add for them, but also can create richer content for you. Create a little “downtime” when your video starts to allow time for followers to tune in. Use this time to greet people as they join and invite them to share the video. You can also make a couple of posts prior to your live video to announce the time and topic of your video and any other pertinent information.

Live Video Equipment – What do you need to record live video? Depending on the quality level you are looking to achieve, your phone could be all that is required. For a higher quality feel, audio equipment, lighting, and a camera stabilizer can be beneficial.

The Future of Live Video

Live video is not going anywhere anytime soon. Social users are spending more than three times the amount of time watching live videos on Facebook compared to pre-recorded videos.3 Live video can elevate your brand’s social media presence and help your company build relationships with current and potential customers. Now is a great time to get creative and think about how you can leverage live video to extend the reach of your social programs, boost engagement and build your brand and your business.

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