Why the User Experience (UX) is so Important

Mother with Baby Shopping Online - Why UX is important

As a new mom, I have become a huge fan of convenience. I have always enjoyed shopping at stores, shops and malls, but now Amazon and online shopping have become my best friend. It has made me appreciate those companies who really think about their customers and their online experiences and go a step above to make sure gathering information, browsing and shopping are easy.

When you are shopping online, especially for baby items, you visit all types of websites. From big sites like Amazon to small boutique webfront stores, one thing all the good sites have in common is being based around their customers.

What is UX Design?

UX design, or user experience design, is the process of designing a product, system or service based around the user. UX design is a critical component of building a website because it maps out the journey a visitor can take navigating your site. A good UX design will naturally move users through the stages of the sales funnel, and convert website traffic into sales.

Why is User Experience so Important?

Thinking about the user and their experience on your site can drive your content, structure, tone and messaging. In the “I” era we live in, it has become more important than ever that businesses not only keep their customers in mind when building a new website or revamping an existing site, but that they create a personalized and customized experience for users navigating the site.

Since your website is likely to be the first interaction a customer has with your company, you want it to be a good one. If visitors have difficulty navigating your site or can’t find the information they are looking for, they may quickly move on to a competitor’s site, resulting in a lost opportunity and a negative perception of your brand.

The UX Process

Research is important for a website UX project and it can come in many forms. Surveys, focus groups or internal discussions with your sales team can be highly beneficial in uncovering the unique needs of your current and potential customers and what is important to them on a website. With insights from research, a discovery is a great next step. The discovery is an agency-lead discussion that identifies goals, objectives and key requirements of a new site. Going through a UX discovery early in the website process can help streamline the development of the site structure, functionality and content.

It is important to keep the customer in mind through the full sales cycle. A website with an accommodating UX can be a great asset to your company.