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Looking for Marketing Results? Let’s Get Digital.

By December 7, 2010 No Comments

There’s thirty-two days to the opening of the 2011 Shot Show in Las Vegas. If you are exhibiting at the 2011 Shot Show, then your planning started earlier this year. But have you developed a plan to put your company in front of the folks you want to see in Vegas? No? It’s not too late to develop the marketing necessary to communicate your message if you go digital.

Your customers are spending more of their time online, searching for information, interacting with like-minded colleagues and friends over social networks and are distributing their own content in like ways. All of this activity isn’t just happening in the office. Mobile devices are now used by sixty-one percent of the world’s population, so your customers are taking your message wherever they go.

Whether communications with your customers happen via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, text, or tweet, digital marketing makes internal marketing functions more efficient and external marketing programs more effective. For example, weekly Facebook posts leading up to the Shot Show will keep your customers engaged all the way to Vegas. Topics can include show specials, new product introductions, new company people to meet at the show and the list goes on. What about video? A YouTube channel on your web site is a great spot to put footage of the 2010 show, or maybe some teasers about new 2011 introductions. You should even be ready to post video from the upcoming show while you’re actually at the show!

Reaching your target audience now is important so they can add your booth to their Shot Show plans. Using digital marketing strategies such as social media, paid search and search engine optimization deliver both short and long-term results. Combining digital and traditional marketing make both that much stronger. Connecting to your customer or prospect prior to the show using a direct mail card, email or formal invitation is a first step to getting them to your booth. Directing them then to a web site, Facebook page or LinkedIn location allows you to follow up your invitation with a more personal and informative message with the goal of securing a place on their “Must See” list.

Once the Shot Show is over, the real work begins as you follow up with everyone you connected with at the show.  But don’t let a good Shot Show contact go cold. You put a lot of planning and expense into this show so a follow up should happen within five days after the show. Remember, the digital marketing methods you used to engage your customers and prospects before the show will also serve you well as you stay connected long after the show is over.  Don’t wait for traditional marketing techniques alone to grab your customer’s attention. Get digital and make 2011 your best year ever. See you at the Shot Show.

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