Never Stop Prospecting

What’s the most important goal for any small business?  Sustained growth in clients and numbers.  What’s the best way to achieve this?  Never stop prospecting!

For many small businesses starting out, growing their client base is crucial, but when their client list and numbers start to grow, they often let prospecting fall to the wayside.  Prospecting is important, because it keeps your business in front of your potential clients and “keeps your funnel full,” as our company President would say.  Keeping your marketing funnel full means putting new prospects in, gaining new business, and filtering out ones that would not be compatible clients.

Prospecting is essentially a numbers game.  Timing and luck play into this as well.  All of that aside, you as a business developer can still do many things to get your business name out there and build your client base.

  • When prospecting a client for the first time, find out the best person to contact in regards to your business and what you are selling. Try to gain all of their contact information by simply calling and asking. As a general rule, people are friendly!
  • Sending out postcards, flyers, or brochures gives people information on your services or product without having to impose yourself on to them. This is a great way to warm them up to your business.
  • Emailing prospects to ask for a good time to talk, or to tell them about your business is a great idea too, because you are first giving them the chance to come to you.
  • If you have a hard time reaching prospects through these methods, cold calling is the next step. Cold calling is invaluable, because when speaking with a prospect you can qualify their potential as a client, they can learn about your services, you can learn about their business, and it holds the potential for growth and referral. Capitalize on conversations with prospects when you don’t get their voice mail! You could be setting the framework for an awesome business relationship.

When it comes to prospecting, a consistent and diligent plan to stay in front of your contacts is very important.  Keep at it.  You may make one hundred calls in a week, and only one may actually pay off, but keep in mind, there is huge success in numbers!