Persistence Pays

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Often times, opportunity in business comes in the form of what may seem like a temporary defeat. And, frequently success makes its way through the back door of a situation. In sales, a present tense “no” may often mean a future “yes.” Keep seeking. Persistence combined with a positive attitude is the perfect equation to receive your “yes.”
When we are children, we are taught that no means no. Sometimes, though, no means that there is a better approach to something. No does not necessarily mean no in sales. No can mean “no, I’m having a bad day,” “no, I don’t have time to talk,” no, our budget isn’t in line with this,” “no, not right now,” or many other things. A great salesman knows “not right now” is often a stepping stone to a “yes.”

You may have never heard of Edwin C. Barnes. Barnes was Thomas Edison’s top salesman for one of Edison’s biggest inventions. This was after Barnes worked for Edison cleaning floors and was told “no” to being a salesman for five years prior. Although sales did not come easy for him, Barnes had those special qualities that any great sales leader possesses; persistence and a positive attitude. Barnes persisted with Edison, until he got his “yes.”

Persistence Pays
Here are a few ideas to be persistent with your prospects:
• You can always try a new approach
• Be creative in your method of contact
• Ask why
• Seek additional contacts in the same company
• Research first
• Keep the door of communication open in case something changes for the company in the future
• Keep in touch with your temporary “no’s”

If you ever receive a definite no, take it kindly. Know, though, that there are countless opportunities out there to make a sale when you persist and keep a positive attitude. Many sales come after months or years of persistent contact with a prospect.

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