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Recently, I was on a golf trip with some friends when one of them hit a shank 8 iron. If you play, you know how bad this feels physically and psychologically.  Your friends sure let you know about it too!

Right after that, one of them yells “great shot, shankopotamus”!   Wow, how advertising works.  If you’ve heard this phrase, you’ve no doubt seen etrade’s talking baby commercials.  All of them in the campaign are good, especially when he’s rappin with his lady, but this one really resonates with the target audience.  Why?  Let’s see.  Baby;  Talking baby;  golf-dangerBaby talking about golf.  Baby bragging about golf.  Old guy in funny golf attire.  This commercial has all the makings of a great one that people talk about and bring up time and time again.  On our trip, it even inspired other “opotamuses” like bogieopotamus or burnsieopotamus.  When you’re talking about great advertising on the golf course, it doesn’t get any better than that.  Remember, “what’s up”?  I bet we all know what brand that one was for.  Anheuser Busch used to be pretty good at creating funny, compelling ads.  Now all we see from the Swedes is drinkability.  The guys on my golf trip were pretty good at that too.

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