Advertising That Engages

By January 14, 2016 No Comments

As a guy who loves the outdoors, the new Ram truck commercial I watched recently during football really spoke to me, as well as any ad that I’ve seen for a while. Picture a beautiful canopy of trees and a rugged pickup on an old dirt road heading up the hillside. Playing fetch with your favorite afternoon companion, your yellow lab, and then driving along with his head out the window as you slowly cruise through the country until the truck pulls up to a cabin in the woods.

As I write this, it’s cold outside and the NFL is in its last week of the regular season so I’m on the couch instead of in the woods. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it. In fact, I can visualize myself there, in that picture. The ad has done exactly what it was created to do, in my opinion. I’m imagining myself there, driving that new, powerful pickup, enjoying a relaxing day in the woods.

Good advertising has always engaged its audience in a way that inspires the viewer to imagine themselves in that situation. Good advertising is entertaining. Good advertising is easy to recall and makes the brand that is being advertised easy to remember. Good advertising sells product.

This ad never really gets into the features of the truck itself. It just makes you feel good about it.

Is your advertising engaging and inspiring your audience? Maybe you ought to follow the Ram’s lead and get some guts and glory into your ads. Call us. We can help.