Many marketers launch their websites and truly believe that their content is so unique that people will flock to their site. This rarely happens. In today’s world, it takes a strong, disciplined social media strategy, rich content and constant engagement to drive awareness and gain new business. One of the best ways to accomplish this is writing a meaningful blog. They’re a wonderful podium for new information, they work wonders to send new traffic to your website, and they’re great for your SEO. Good blogs have some specific characteristics that experienced marketers can take advantage of to make them powerful.

Know Your Audience: Blogs have evolved over time. The Internet has made all of us instant publishers. Blogs have become some of the most trusted resources of information for customers. The worst strategy you could do for your business blog would be to write for yourself. You must know and understand who your audience is and craft pieces that appeal to them. If you don’t know who your audience is, they probably don’t know who you are either.

Find The Missing Link: It is comical to think that you or any blogger has a complete knowledge and angle of every topic. Those who make a living from blogging know that blogs are a leading source of new website traffic. Add links to your blogs for greater credibility and depth. Many companies with blogs see an increase of 97% more clicks to their website. As a side note, don’t be afraid to occasionally link to great information or resources outside your website. Adding links to third-party websites puts your blog in conversation with other brands, encourages publishers to link back to your content, and can even be beneficial to your SEO.

Artwork Matters: The best way to ruin your credibility and readership is to use poor artwork or unprofessional images. Pros show readers that they value their readership by using high-res, high quality photos. They make their content easy and fun to consume by using images, graphs and videos to illustrate their points. And most important: Pros make sure that their blog posts will continue to reach viewers by adding alt text to each and every new image they upload.

Looks Are Important: If you want to create really boring content, perhaps you should make your design to match – right? People may be looking for content, but they still must enjoy reading and looking at your work. Even if you are not a polished designer, the layout and design for any blog matters. If you haven’t finished your site, looking into free design services such as WIX, Squarespace, Weebly, Go Daddy and others have user friendly and easy-to-use templates that incorporate blogs with other plug-ins for a vibrant, professional website or blog. If you are serious about your site and blog, hire a good professional marketing partner that has experience in your industry.

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Get Noticed. Perhaps the most important aspect of a blog is a good headline. With so many options and advertisements barraging us every day, your message must break through the clutter so a headline is the first line of attack to get noticed. Using all capital letters or enhanced punctuation marks in your headline won’t help your brand. The headline must shout “Read me!” or “I want to know more.” Posing a compelling question or using facts and figures prove to be very powerful in a blog’s headline.

Promote. Promote. Promote. Unless you simply want to impress your friends and family, you need to promote your blog wherever you can. That’s where new traffic comes from. A good option to paying for clicks or ads, is to add social media sharing options to your blog so that readers can easily share articles in a single click.

Whether you have been bitten by the “blog bug” or need a good blog to promote your business, following a couple of simple steps will maximize your blogging efforts and drive traffic to your website.

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