Defining Success

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What drives success for your niche business? While you think about that, reflect on this quote by Arnold H. Glasgow. He said, “Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.” I could not agree more.

Before you set yourself on fire, remember that success is a relative concept. The prerequisite to being successful is defining what success means to you, not what others think. Your list can be short, or it can be very long. The point is for you to have a definite and realistic understanding of what success means to you.

So, with your success list in hand, take a look at the two drivers of success for your niche business. First is a great product. Focus on the needs of a narrowly defined customer base and offer a high-quality product that appeals to them. Second is effective and consistent marketing. Do not rely on your great product to close the sale for you. Niche products need the support of marketing efforts.

Consider the following when marketing your niche products:

  • Make everything available online – Do not limit yourselves to physical locations. Give customers a chance to find your products no matter where they are.
  • Treat each customer as an individual – Do this as an alternative to placing people in generic demographic categories. Remember, people are always interested in being special.
  • Help customers find what they are looking for online – Boost your search engine optimization with Google AdWords. There are many special keyword research tools out there, but Google AdWords Keyword tool tops them all.
  • Take advantage of social media – We live in the Recommendation Age so spread your content around online. People make purchasing decisions based on recommendations from others with similar interests. A good place to find these recommendations is via conversations and reviews found in various social media sites.

Make your success happen rather than waiting for success to find you and your niche business. To help get you there, employ a combination of a great product and the use of proven marketing tools, such as the Internet and search engines

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