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Driving Real Business with Facebook Ads

By July 4, 2013 No Comments

Many small-to-mid-sized businesses probably cut their pay-per-click (PPC) teeth on Google AdWords. Google’s search engine, which receives more than one billion daily search requests, delivers ads to Internet users when they’re searching for info related to a product or service. We’re a Google AdWords Certified Partner, and know from experience how well Google delivers qualified prospects, provides us with the powerful AdWords tool, and then helps us to measure our results in detail.

Compared to Adwords, Facebook Advertising may seem to lack the same potential. After all, shoppers don’t flock to Facebook to search for their next purchase, so how can you advertise effectively to them, right? Not so fast. Facebook Advertising plays a totally different game, and it plays it well. Let’s take a look.

Facebook, like Google, has billions of daily page views. But Google Adwords only knows a few things about a user (i.e., their current location, and the term they searched on). Facebook, on the other hand, can deliver users based on hometown, age, sex, marital status, interests, level of education, even college attended.

Facebook Ads excel when you want to get exposure to targeted (but passive) prospects – those who didn’t sit down to the computer intending to seek out your product or service. Because you can bid on a “per 1000 impressions” basis, you can guarantee plenty of daily impressions across a target audience while holding the reign on costs.

Facebook Ads and Google AdWords strategies differ significantly. Each can be a powerful tool, though they don’t necessarily apply equally well to a given situation. Just remember that to be successful, a Facebook ad campaign (like any other online campaign) will also need a smart bidding strategy, eye-catching graphics, great ad copy, and a compelling landing page that engages the user after the click.

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