Finding “Cool” During a Heat Wave

By July 28, 2011 No Comments

It may be hard to imagine anything cool about spending two days outside during a heat wave, but more than 350 shooting sports enthusiasts found a lot that was cool at the 2011 Shooting Industry Masters.  Sponsored by shooting sports magazine publisher FMG Publications, the Shooting Industry Masters brought participants from all facets of the shooting sports industry together for a weekend of friendly shooting competition and fun.

Held at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky, the 2011 event took the competition to another level with some extremely cool events. Mixed in with the traditional long range rifle shooting, and handgun target range was a very cool crossbow range where participants could test their marksmanship skills with the highest of high-tech crossbows.  If shotguns were preferred, two or three man teams had the opportunity to shoot the “Shotgun Flurry” event.  This synchronized shooting at non-stop clay targets made for a very entertaining, yet exhausting event – cool to shoot, and fun to watch.

The coolest of the cool, and I mean really cool, came in the form of a cave shoot.  Yes, participants climbed below ground (where the temperature registered fifty degrees cooler) into one of the many caves surrounding the shooting center.  Equipped with a flashlight and handgun, each participant took a turn through the winding cave path while encountering strategically placed targets along the way.  Each shooter was scored by time and targets hit.

As the event concluded, the record setting heat never eased up.  But for a few days in July at the Shooting Industry Masters, the conversation wasn’t about the heat wave, but about the cool experience that everyone enjoyed.