Focus On the A, B, C’s

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At the start of each year, I challenge our associates here at Callis to come up with three words that they can use to bring clarity to their work in the coming months. We even include those words in their annual performance goals. I do the same and I use those words as a daily reminder of what I should be focusing on. It’s easy in today’s world to be attracted by shiny objects, distracted by everything going on around you and lose focus. Hopefully, these words can help you remember what’s important.

My 3 words this year are Awesome, Believe and Create, ala the A, B, C’s.

I was re-introduced to the word Awesome at BOLO, a digital marketing conference I went to last fall. I think I stopped using the word back in the 90’s. Awesome was a key point that one of the speakers made when discussing content creation. In a company’s web presence, content is king. It’s what gives a company personality and ammunition for distribution to their audiences through a variety of marketing channels. It also drives search engine performance. The key point made was, don’t put any content out there unless it’s awesome. Everybody already has too much information to consume. So, if you really want to be read and respected for your content, make it Awesome. I couldn’t agree more, but I’m taking Awesome to the next level. My focus is to make Awesome a part of everything I do and everything our agency does for our clients and ourselves. How can we make our marketing, advertising, public relations and interactive programs more Awesome? How can we generate more Awesome results? How can we get our clients to say, “that’s Awesome”! We’re going to make it happen.

My second word is Believe. I have always believed that anything is possible and that idea was reinforced to me through the St. Louis Cardinals World Series victory. (Now that was Awesome). It’s come up again recently with Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. No, Denver didn’t make it through the playoffs but it’s amazing they got as far as they did. Regardless of what you think about Tim Tebow, he is a winner. He Believes that he can win every game, every time, and that’s contagious. You have to admire that.  So, I’m never going to stop Believing that good things are going to happen. I’m going to continue to Believe in myself, my associates, and in the work we do for your clients. I’m going to Believe that we can make a positive difference, and we will.

My third word is Create. Sure, I work in a creative industry and I do want to Create strategic, clever and effective ideas for our clients this year. Moreover, I want to Create other things. I want to continue to Create real value in what we do for our clients. I want to Create even greater success for our agency. I want to Create opportunities for our associates to grow and excel and share in the success. I want to Create win-win relationships. I want to Create a couple of new brands this year that will build real equity in the coming years. One of the most exciting things about business today is that you can Create great things from nothing more than an idea. I want to Create “great things”.

So, that’s my focus for this year. What’s yours?

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