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Ice Bucket Strategy for Your Business

By August 27, 2014 No Comments

Let me first go on the record as saying that the Ice Bucket Challenge is genius.  How many people had even heard about it a few short weeks ago?  How many people have done it now, when they never thought they would?  How many people had the ALS in their planned giving for this year?

So why is it genius and how can you apply the strategy to help you grow your business?  The answers are one in the same.

  • An idea was created that was way different than any other fundraising effort but not so far out there that it wouldn’t be embraced by the masses. Look for a relevant idea for your business that’s so far out of the box that it catches the attention of our ADD society.
  • The challenge has been fueled with social media. In fact, Facebook has been the predominant means of communicating. Use the social media tools available to your business to light your idea on fire – sending it out into your target markets in the way they want to receive it – laying in bed at night, surfing the net, popping up in their newsfeed.
  • People gave because they were challenged with peer pressure and/or they wanted to do the right thing. Give your customers a reason to want to support your business by touting the benefits of your great products and excellent service.
  • The challenge included the whole family, as children participated and were exposed to ALS and their message. Family influences more buying decisions than any other group of people. Get family buy-in and you get the buyer.

ALS is a terrible disease.  We’ve had friends succumb to it.  Hopefully those who have accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge can help change the world.  And by the way, the Callis’ have both taken the challenge and contributed toward the cause.  To watch our video, go to

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