Lesson 11 – Pray About It

Lesson 11 - Pray About It

In the late ’90s, one of our clients asked if we could design and manufacture a product that they could sell to their customers to commemorate their 50th anniversary. I really think they could have built it themselves but staying true to their business and products, they wanted someone else to do it. What an opportunity for us, so we said we would take a look at it, even though we had never done anything like it before. Working together with the client, we conceptualized the idea, defined the specifications and went out looking for a wood manufacturer to partner with, and we found a good one. However, during the negotiation phase, our discussions became heated unfortunately, and we had to end our conversation on a Friday afternoon with both parties agreeing to pray about it, and we did. On Monday, we came to terms and signed the deal and went on to successfully produce 5000 products over the next few months. Our partner then hired us to do some work for them. When the stress of a project starts to weigh heavily on you, turn to prayer. It works.