Lesson 18 – Admit You Don’t Know Everything

Lesson 18 - Admit You Don't Know Everything

Back in the early 2000’s, marketers were beginning to understand the importance and dynamics of search engine optimization (SEO). Certainly it was all new to us but our clients were starting to hear and read about it too. There were lots of theories and approaches and everyone thought theirs was the best. The real drive to learn more about it came as we were working with L & L Insulation and others on some new websites. L & L is a manufacturer of insulation products for the construction industry and we had gotten to know them well through our Iowa connections. Through this process, we were able to take what we were learning on the fly and incorporate it into the websites we were designing and building. Certainly it was a test to see how they would perform but it was truly one of the first opportunities we got to hone our SEO skills. Thanks to the great folks at L & L for helping us to help them.