Lesson 27 – Be Prepared

Lesson 27 - Be Prepared

Over the years, we’ve had literally hundreds of opportunities to pitch ideas and new business. Most times, we’ve gone above and beyond, but unfortunately, there are times we have fallen short. The key is in preparation. Borrowing from the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared,” we’ve always tried to be overly prepared for every presentation. That comes from doing the research to understand the situation and the organization you’re pitching and then taking the time to strategize to identify the key insights that will have an impact. It also comes with practice and making sure you’ve got the right people involved.

Back in the early 2000s, we got the opportunity to pitch the Missouri Municipal League (MML). They needed a Use Tax Campaign Toolkit that member Missouri cities could use to try to get a local use tax passed in their community. With our background and experience in this area, we felt like we were the best option as an agency partner, and we prepared accordingly, and we hit it out of the park. It was the first time we had ever received applause after a presentation, which was awesome, and it was all because we were prepared.

Thank you to the MML for providing us with the opportunity to serve your organization and your members. It was a great experience!