Lesson 32 – Appreciate Referrals

Lesson 32 - Appreciate Referrals

Nothing is better than word-of-mouth advertising. In our business, that means one of our past or current clients saying good things about us to someone we would like to do business with. A great example of this happened a couple of years ago and we continue to enjoy the benefits of that today. Russ Childers with RAC-JAC Properties was considering going in a new direction with the social media for this car wash, Tenth & Thompson. As a fan of Dugan’s Paint & Flooring, he asked Chuck Kempton who was doing his work. We will always appreciate the kind words that Chuck passed along to Russ that led to a great relationship with RAC-JAC, which has extended into other businesses that Russ owns as well. Thank you Chuck for your past support and to Russ for your business. It is deeply appreciated.