Lesson 34 – Be Welcoming and Be Sincere

Lesson 34 - Be Welcoming and Be Sincere

When it was first announced that Nucor Steel was coming to town, it was a big deal, and the entire community was excited at the possibilities of what this might mean in growth for the region. The Nucor folks came in slowly and it was obvious that they were committed to selecting the right people to build a world class team to build their new steel mill. Every one of them was a perfect fit for our community and we started to meet them and get to know them over time. We were committed to helping them feel a part of our town.

From a business development perspective, we were also sincerely interested in helping them tell their story and be successful. Once they got their people in place, they started to build their mill, which they did at record speed, and it’s impressive. Once the mill was in place, and they were producing rebar, they started to build their business.

At Callis, we were fortunate to be selected to help them through the creation and production of a 100-page book that told the story of how the mill came to be. That opportunity came in part because of our sincere desire to help them feel a part of our community. Through that relationship, we also got the opportunity to design and build trophies for each one of their team members who worked to build the mill and get it operational. It was a fun project and one that we will always remember.

When you get the opportunity to meet someone new, let them know how much you welcome them. You can’t have too many friends and we are thankful to the great folks at Nucor Sedalia for the opportunity to be a part of something so special.