Lesson 35 – Focus on What Makes Sense

Lesson 35 - Focus on What Makes Sense

Over the years, we have tried to identify companies and organizations that we felt might make great partners, based on our experience, expertise, values and interests. When we have found one, we want them to know so they can get to know us, hopefully like us and eventually trust us with a project or business.

One of these companies is Wood & Huston Bank, a family owned bank with facilities across Missouri. We knew some of the people there, we knew they had a great reputation and we liked how they did business, with their customers and communities in the forefront, so we started to reach out to them. Through a combination of direct mail, content distribution and personal contact, we got the opportunity to show them what we could do. And later on, when they made the decision to locate a bank in our community, they chose us to help them tell the region about it, and to attract new customers. That opportunity came by focusing on establishing a relationship through a regular series of marketing communications.

We at Callis are appreciative of the opportunity and we look forward to helping them continue to build their brand and their business. It’s a win win.