2021 Super Bowl Ads

While we would have liked to see our home state KC Chiefs come out on top in Super Bowl LV, it’s always a privilege to have your team in the big game. And although the Bucs took home the Lombardi trophy, the Callis team still enjoyed watching the game and show.

As always, there were a lot of great commercials throughout the game. In our office, we noticed that people relate to a variety of different commercials based on their own personality, background and perspective. While there were many good spots to choose from, we want to share three of our Callis team’s favorite Super Bowl commercials and why they stood out to us.

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s | Get Back to Nature

The Callis team really liked the Bass Pro commercial because it truly inspires action. After you watch the spot, you want to go into the great outdoors and experience all it has to offer (although around these parts right now, you may want to wait until it warms up just a little).

This Bass Pro spot acknowledges the current situation in the world with COVID-19 and promotes the benefits of the outdoors as a safe activity for families. The dramatic scenery and imagery in the spot are breathtaking and encourage viewers to reconnect with nature. The spot is all about the customer and their needs, rather than promoting specific products.

Bud Light Legends | Super Bowl LV Commercial


The Bud Light Legends commercial was another favorite of the Callis team because of its storytelling components and makeup. The problem: No Bud Light on the shelf at the store. There’s no ice-cold beer because a delivery truck has overturned on the highway … and guess who arrives to save the day? That’s right, the Bud Light Legends.

What we like about this spot is that anybody can be a Bud Light Legend. (Have you ever saved the day at a party or gathering where the beer ran out?) A Bud Light Legend is a friend who brings the fun and Bud Light wherever they go. This commercial is a part of a larger interactive campaign that positions customers as the heroes of a story.

Drake from State Farm | State Farm® Commercial


The Drake from State Farm spot also made the list of our favorites based on it being short, at just 30 seconds, as well as a concise branding message that was memorable. Featuring star talent including our own KC Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, this spot made us laugh and kept us engaged throughout.

State Farm has done a great job branding themselves over the years. Jake from State Farm made his initial debut 10 years ago and the brand has been successfully leveraging Jake since, even though the actors have changed. Mahomes and fellow NFL quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, have been in several State Farm spots over the last few years, further building brand recognition and equity. This spot brings them together, along with Jake and a couple of other recognizable characters including Drake and Paul Rudd.

Sometimes we see great commercials, but we can’t remember the advertiser, but that never seems to be the case with State Farm. That’s because the company does an excellent job with its branding, and ultimately why this spot made our list of favorite Super Bowl commercials.