2021 Digital Marketing Trends to Have on Your Radar

2021 Digital Marketing Trends in over a black background on top of a photo of a hand holding a smart phone

The marketing landscape is changing, and we understand it can be difficult to know where to focus and allocate resources. Kyle Meek and Sarah Arnett of the Callis team recently attended the 2021 Agency Management Institute (AMI) Digital Summit. At the summit, they met with peers in the digital marketing industry from across the country and gained insight into digital marketing trends for 2021. As the year goes on, we’re going to continue monitoring these trends, analyze their impact and discuss what they mean for your business and how you can incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

Core Web Vitals

Your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools in today’s digital world. As marketers, you have to understand how your site is performing in general and in comparison to competitors. Core web vitals, a recently introduced update to the Google Search algorithm, are the performance factors that Google is measuring. These factors, along with others, determine your search engine results page (SERP) rankings. Check out our previous article covering core web vitals and stay tuned for more insights as the changes continue to roll out.

First-Party Data & Privacy Changes

As the use of technology grows, privacy concerns are also growing. Many marketers are facing challenges when it comes to privacy changes and they are wondering what comes next. We recently shared why first-party data matters, but will be sharing insights on alternative advertising methods and how privacy updates are changing the marketing landscape.

Content Marketing Trends in 2021

“Content is king” is still true, and trends in content marketing are changing. As we look toward the future, we anticipate a stronger emphasis on pillar content with topic clusters and an increase in video. We’ll share insights into the rise of short-form video, using content in multiple formats and strategies for helping your content perform well.

Changes in Social Media & Emerging Platforms

Social media platforms continue to evolve, and it can be difficult to determine the best platforms to reach your audience. New platforms continue to emerge, and existing platforms are releasing new features often. We will share insights on growing platforms such as Twitch and Clubhouse, how to build a social strategy to reach your audience and how you can leverage organic and paid features.

Evolution of E-Commerce Platforms & Social Shopping

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the use of e-commerce platforms. Online shopping is more popular than ever, and businesses that couldn’t compete in the brick-and-mortar landscape are major players. As shopping trends continue to change, we expect to see an evolution in e-commerce platforms and increased social shopping options. Stay tuned for how new integrations and options can be used in your business.

We hope that you find these insights useful and apply them to your marketing plan. Our team will continue to research and analyze these trends and share new insights as the marketing landscape evolves. If you want to learn more about any of these topics or discuss what they mean to your business, contact Cliff Callis to get started!