A Taste of the Missouri Wine Industry

LIVE FROM THE FAIR OUTdrive Episode 68 with Jim Anderson

LIVE FROM THE FAIR – OUTdrive Episode 67 with Jim Anderson

The Missouri State Fair offers numerous opportunities to learn about the agricultural industry in Missouri, including the state’s well-established wine industry. In this episode of the “Live from the Fair” series, I sit down with Jim Anderson, Executive Director of the Missouri Wine and Grape Board.

Jim has been in his current role for over twenty five years and oversees the day-to-day operations for the Board. Since joining, he has played an integral role in the growth and success of the Missouri wine industry. The Missouri State Fair offers opportunities to contribute to this success through education, wine tastings, one-on-one classes and more.

Join us for this episode of OUTdrive as we talk about the role wine plays in Missouri agriculture and tourism. We also discuss what’s ahead for 2022 and ways Missouri locals and visitors can experience all the state has to offer.


1:05 – Jim’s role as director of the Missouri Wine & Grape Board during the State Fair
3:15 – The visits of higher education groups to the wine tent in 2021 and partnership opportunities in agricultural education with Missouri Wine.
5:15 – The size of the Missouri Wine industry and the growth of the national wine industry in the last several years.
6:45 – Sampling the 2021 Governor’s Cup wine, including tasting notes and pairing options
7:45 – Missouri’s role in saving the French wine industry in the 1800’s
10:30 – The wine varietals grown in the state of Missouri
15:30 – Jim explains his role as an administrator and the economics behind the wine industry as it ties in agriculture to event promotion and higher education studies.
21:00 – Jim’s favorite part of the State Fair, educating Missourians on agriculture.
23:00 – Jim’s industry marketing insight and promoting the industry in the wake of the pandemic.
26:45 – Jim’s reasons Missourians should take advantage of visiting Missouri wineries