Why is the World Cup so Popular?

Soccer stadium

Over the last few days, the World Cup soccer fever has taken hold.  Thousands of spectators, and in some cases, crazy fanatics, are crowding into bars, outdoor venues and of course Brazil to cheer their country’s teams on to victory.  I’ve been a soccer fan forever and have always enjoyed watching World Cup games that I would not ordinarily watch under normal circumstances.

When you think about it, in the United States, soccer is not one of the top spectator sports, although it is growing in popularity.  Yet, during the days of the World Cup Tournament, the public gets highly engaged in supporting their national teams.  Why is that?  Why does the World Cup attract so many more fans?

I believe it is patriotism.  As an international event, there are teams from throughout the world literally “fighting” to win.  Monday’s U.S. vs. Ghana game is a great example.  Some of these teams are our country’s allies.  Others are not so friendly to America.  But there’s just something special about cheering on “your team”, your country, during the World Cup that captures the imagination of the American public.

I think this patriotism follows through in product marketing as well.  Americans love American made products.  There’s just something inside that makes you feel good when you buy a product that is made in America by Americans.  Some companies do a great job of communicating the pride it takes in producing here in the states.  The Big Three car companies are great at it.

If you produce an American made product, what kind of job are you doing in communicating your pride in your product?  Is it part of your brand platform?  Is it in your positioning statement?  From my perspective, it should be.  You might just get me to buy it.  It did make a difference when I bought my last vehicle.

If you’re rooting for the US in the World Cup, thanks for your support of our country.  God bless America.