Capitalizing on the Swirls with Facebook

I have always enjoyed going out to our family farm ponds and feeding the catfish.  It doesn’t take long once that first handful of pelletized floating catfish food hits the water for there to be a few fish swirling around, enjoying a snack.  Once the second handful hits the water, there’s a few more.  After the third handful, there’s quite a few catfish swirling around.  By the time the fourth and fifth handfuls hit the water, about all you can see is catfish mouths and whiskers sticking up out of the water, going after the floating food like PacMan goes after those dots.

Facebook campaigns can be a great way to build awareness and a sense of community around your brand.  They also allow you to engage with current and potential customers, get feedback from customers, and drive customers to your website.  Think of each post, as throwing a handful of fish food out into the pond.  The first posts generate a small swirl.  Your current fans view your posts, comment, and share you.  The more you throw into the pond, the bigger the swirl gets.

Customers, like the catfish, are hungry for content.  They come to Facebook to eat, or interact.  It is important to post well thought-out, helpful, engaging, and entertaining content to satisfy your followers and build your fan base.  With each post, you should ask yourself “Is this something that our fans would want to share?”

Getting customers to share your content is the best way to grow your following and the swirls around your posts.  People share helpful, engaging, and entertaining content.  As more people share you, more people like you.  As more people like you, even more people share you.  A successful Facebook campaign continually grows, similar to a snowball effect, increasing your brand awareness by reaching more and more people.

Our goal in business is to sell our stuff.  We want to sell our products and/or services, whatever they may be, and we want to sell more of them.  Likewise, our goal when we go fishing is to catch fish.  Where would you have better luck fishing?  A still and inactive pond or a pond where all you can see are mouths and whiskers sticking up out of the water?  Facebook campaigns can be a great way to get in front of customers prior to making a purchase so when they’re ready to buy, they choose a brand they already know and trust.  Yours.