It’s All About Connections

OUTdrive episode 175 with David Pearce

OUTdrive Episode 175 with David Pearce

Whether you make them in person or through the media you utilize, good marketing is all about making connections. In this episode with David Pearce, former banker, statesman and now head of governmental affairs at the University of Central Missouri, we discuss how connections made today can impact you even years later. David comes from a rural background and has a distinguished career as the head of marketing for a large, regional banking group, as a state legislator and senator, and now does public affairs. Over the years, he has gained incredible experience with both personal and corporate branding and he shares his thoughts and philosophies for what it takes to be successful and stand out in both arenas. Listen in for key insights on dealing with people, solid foundational marketing, journaling, and building a lifetime of connections.