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OUTdrive episode 156 | Solocast

OUTdrive Episode | Solocast

Twice a year, our agency principals team up with other small agency owners around the country to catch up and help each other be better. We’ve been involved in a peer group for nearly 20 years and it’s one of the reasons we’ve been able to stay relevant and current with all the changes going on in our industry. When we get together, whether it’s in person or virtual, we discuss the hottest marketing trends, share best practices and new technologies, pitch big ideas and talk through the challenges we’re facing in our firms.

Today, I’m driving solo to share some of those hottest marketing trends and tips with you. Sit tight and listen in for insight on what’s working and what you should be working on, things to think about for your own marketing program and questions you should ask yourself to help you fine tune what you’re doing. It’s brief but packed full of marketing insight for rural America.