Showing How Missouri Farmers Care

OUTdrive Episode 133 with Ashley McCarty

OUTdrive Episode 133 with Ashley McCarty

Those of us who live, work and play in rural America know how important farmers are to our society. But, not everyone lives in a region surrounded by farms and farmland, which is why Missouri Farmers Care was established to promote the growth of Missouri agriculture and rural communities through communication, education and advocacy. In this episode, Ashley McCarty explains why education is the primary pillar in executing a successful marketing strategy.

Ashley serves as the Executive Director of Missouri Farmers Care. Ashley attended the University of Missouri-Columbia, earning a degree in animal science. After graduating, she went on to work for the Missouri Department of Agriculture and served as an Extension council member. Throughout her career, she has spent time as a district field manager for the Missouri Corn Growers Association, an Adair/Schuyler County Farm Bureau board member and an agricultural representative on the Missouri Clean Water Commission. Outside of her current role with Missouri Farmers Care, Ashley and her husband stay busy operating McCarty Cattle Company on their family farm.

Tune in to hear from a Missouri family farm owner and executive director as we discuss all the pieces Missouri Farmers Care has in play throughout the agriculture industry.


  • 2:15 – Ashley shares the background of her Missouri roots and how she ended up in her current role
  • 3:15 – Details from Ashley’s experience studying agriculture abroad in the Czech Republic
  • 5:45 – Ashley shares about her family and their farm operation in Northeast Missouri
  • 9:30 – Ashley and Cliff discuss what Missouri Farmers Care is, how the organization serves Missouri, and how to get in contact
  • 15:20 – Ashley talks about the Stand for Ag podcast and how it came to fruition
  • 21:00 – Ashley talks about the engagement MFC is seeing on farmer testimonials on their social media channels
  • 24:30 – Ashley dives into the current MFC initiatives and programming
  • 29:30 – Information on the “Drive to Feed Kids” and how MFC partners with Missouri FFA and Feeding Missouri to fight food insecurity in the state
  • 33:45 – Ashley describes the rural lifestyle and what it means to work in agriculture
  • 37:30 – The importance of broadband in rural America for farmers and producers to run their businesses
  • 40:45 – How Ashley markets the McCarty Cattle Company and the importance of off-farm marketing
  • 44:30 – Ashley’s closing thoughts on what’s on the horizon for Missouri agriculture