Learning From Failure

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Failure is not always a bad thing. With failure comes a great learning opportunity. Use your mistakes as a way to grow.

Is failure a bad thing in the business world? Not necessarily. Failing at something means there is an opportunity for growth and “learning a lesson” in every adversity. To plant and grow the “seed” of an equivalent success which comes with each adversity, you must first realize the lesson learned from the failure itself. seed of success

If you have an unsatisfied customer, or if you fail to gain a new client that you were prospecting, it is important to evaluate the reason. Sit down as a team and figure out why the client wasn’t pleased or what you could have done differently. Was your work not completed as expected? Was the quality not up to their standards? Were they looking for something different than what you delivered? Did you not convey your message well? Was there a miscommunication or a kink in the flow of work? There are many possibilities that can warrant a feeling of “failure” in a company. Because of its stigma, failure is an ugly word. It doesn’t have to be, though. Every company needs to be flexible enough to take constructive criticism and to take an honest look and see what changes need to be made in order to grow. Failure can mean an opportunity to sit down as a company and say, “how can we do this better next time around?”

Callis is the best company I have ever worked for. And I can tell you why. As a marketing agency, we know our success comes from the success of our clients. We also know that one of our clients’ biggest goals is to serve the needs of their customer. We want our clients to be successful and we want to please them with the work we do. We learn what our customer expects and we deliver. This leaves little room for failure. When it does happen, though, we learn from the process and we grow. We are always tweaking our processes for efficiency, quality, and delivery. I think this is very important, because as a business you don’t want to remain stagnant for long. Growth is essential, and often the best way to grow is by learning from what you have done in the past and making it better.

Every company has a learning process, and if you are a truly great company, you are always learning, growing, and molding to your clients’ or customers’ needs and to new technologies and processes. You want to satisfy your client or customer, and part of that is learning from what you have done before that may not have worked as well as you’d hoped, then channeling that into a future success. We should never waste a failure, because behind that always lies a learning opportunity.

What lessons have you learned?

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