Let Your Light Shine

By March 12, 2013 No Comments

There is a famous teaching that warns the reader to not hide their light under a basket, but place it on a lamp stand and let it shine for all to see. This light could be your personality, your talents or possibly your words. In business, companies also have a light. This light may come in the form of a great idea, a revolutionary new product or a unique service. The marketing challenge is to develop a plan to shine this light to every possible customer, and successful companies know there isn’t just one lamp stand to do the job effectively.

Today, the lamp stand comes in many shapes and sizes. It takes on the shape of traditional marketing methods. Television, radio, direct mail and newspaper and magazine advertising are just a few of the effective traditional marketing methods of communicating your message to your customers. But there are other lamp stands that need to be considered. Your website, a Facebook page, online advertising. Twitter, YouTube, Blogging and Chat Rooms represent just some of the social media platforms where your customers are reading, watching and interacting, and maybe waiting for your next “Big Thing”. You can’t afford to hide your light, while continuing marketing methods that are safe and familiar but are possibly leaving some of your prospective customers in the dark.

You have a business to run. A lot of your time is spent getting your product or service ready for market. You work hard to develop your light. Now put it on every lamp stand that will beam it out to prospective customers who possibly never knew you existed. Are you letting your light shine bright?

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