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By April 11, 2013 No Comments

We’re all busy – it’s the new normal pace of society. Maybe you need to accomplish more, or just need some down time. Solutions that require radical lifestyle changes are hard to adopt, which is why I just love the LifeHacker site. It’s about tweaking what you’re doing to generally improve life (yeah!), or as the LifeHacker site says, it’s “tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done”.

Each day, the LifeHacker blog offers several short posts, ranging from suggestions to improve office meetings to mobile app recommendations to travel trips. It’s not all about work, and the tips are often relevant to my own life. Oh, and though the team at LifeHacker doesn’t focus solely on technology, they are definitely ready to help you make the most of the tech gadgets in your life.

Along with the site itself, you can follow LifeHacker on Twitter, Facebook, subscribe to its excerpts RSS feed, or its daily email. I recommend a visit!

Where do you turn online for life-enhancing tips and tricks?