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Prepare Your Website for a Mobile Invasion

By March 16, 2011 No Comments

iPhones, Android Devices, and Blackberries are quickly changing the web marketing game.

No doubt your company has become more web-savvy over the past few years.  Maybe you’ve tweaked (or completely revamped) your website, and you’ve at least acknowledged the Social Media revolution by becoming involved in Facebook and Twitter. Your ad campaigns are likely to now extend to Google and/or other search and content platforms. But what have you done to address mobile Internet user’s needs?

If you don’t have an answer to that question, it is one that deserves your consideration today. Why? Because mobile is growing like crazy. According to January, 2011 statistics, mobile browsers now account for over 6.4% of total U.S. web traffic. That number has more than tripled in just 13 months, and there’s no sign of a slowdown. In 2010, mobile users consumed three times as much bandwidth as all users combined just 10 years earlier. In short, with each passing day, a growing number of people are using a growing number of mobile devices (smart phones, tablet computers, etc) to access a growing amount of information.

Is your website ready for this invasion? Differences between traditional computers and mobile devices in screen size and input method require new mobile-friendly strategies. A smart website can tell what type of device has connected to it, and deliver information in a manner best suited to that device. For example, mobile users (with small screens) want easy-to-read content formatted for their screen (no left-to-right scrolling), and large buttons designed to avoid selection accidents. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of pressing the wrong button a couple times as you try to navigate a website, you know just what I mean.

If you’re not sure that your site is mobile-friendly, it’s probably not. Good mobile sites require thought and intent. But being from the Show-Me State, I know people like to see for themselves. So pull up your website on your smart phone (or a friend’s) and see for yourself. Use it as a site visitor might:  navigate the site, place an order, etc. If it’s difficult for you, it’s difficult for them, too.

While every industry is different, we’re advising every client that some form of mobile strategy, informed by market and site analysis, should be incorporated into their website marketing strategy. And yes, we’ve also taken a look at our own website, and plan to introduce our own mobile-specific site with its next release. How about you?

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