How is Your Product Better?

By November 12, 2014 No Comments

How many times have you been at a major sporting event, wanting to send a photo out to your world and not had mobile service?  A lot?  I know I have.  But with the demand on the telecommunications system of my provider, many times I haven’t been able to.  Well, in a TV commercial from T-Mobile, they play on this inadequacy with their competitors’ service to hit a home run.  (Well, almost.  In the commercial, Pittsburg Pirate outfielder Andrew McCutchen actually catches the ball).

But while he’s catching the ball, spectators nearby are clicking photos and then sharing them on the T-Mobile network.  Wow.  That hits home.

So, is the product (T-Mobile’s service capacity) better?  The commercial sure says that, and it says it in a way that visually communicates its superiority over the other carriers.

What’s your competitive advantage?  Have you clearly identified it?  Are you communicating it in a powerful way over and over again to your target audience?  T-Mobile sure has.

Every company, product or service that has relevance has a competitive advantage.  If it doesn’t, it’s probably not going to be around very long.  But sometimes, it’s hard to identify.  Research can help you better understand it, but it’s still hard to zero in on it.

Take time to go through this process.  It will help you position yourself favorably against your competitors and give you the edge to go after their market share.  Good luck.