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Putting the Social in Social Media

By October 2, 2012 No Comments

Who are the popular people at the parties you attend?  The people I find myself hanging around have some common traits:  they aren’t totally wrapped up in themselves, they talk with me (not at me), and they’re as interested in listening to a good story as telling one.  It makes things interesting and fun.

Here’s a few take-aways from the guy (or girl) who’s the life of the party that could benefit your social media program:

  • Think about your audience first: what are they interested in? Talk about that. Not every conversation needs to be about your newest product release. If that’s all you have to talk about, you’ll soon find yourself at that party, but standing in a very lonely corner.
  • Ask questions and engage others in the conversation. If someone responds to something you’ve said, answer back. Keep the conversation alive and interesting.
  • Want others to interact with you? Why not interact with them in their social media space! Visit and comment on their blog or Facebook page. Respond to an interesting tweet. It’s not a one way street!
  • Type like you talk. Most corporate communications are well thought out, but pretty formal. Get comfortable with being informal. It’s just how this channel works.

Remember: this is social media, not a press release.  So be social!