Tour of Missouri Wrap-up

By September 16, 2009 No Comments

On Friday last week, the Tour of Missouri came through Sedalia like a whirlwind. For my part, it was an exciting event. Cyclists from all over the world wound through the streets of Sedalia and neighboring Pettis County roads in a 19 mile race against the clock. Eventual 2009 Tour of Missouri winner, American David Zabriskie, completed the course in 36 minutes, 30.49 seconds to win the time trial by more than 30 seconds.

But for most of us, the event was as much about the spectacle as it was the winner. While we’re fortunate to be able to enjoy the Sedalia Criterium in downtown Sedalia each year, the Tour of Missouri is a race of International note, and quite an event to see.

Sedalians can be proud of the showing we made during the Tour’s stop here. The local organizing committee, headed by Jack McIntosh, did an outstanding job of pulling together the hundreds of volunteers necessary to support this event.

The Tour of Missouri is a three year old event now, but its future is very much in question. If you’d like to see Missouri continue to support this event, and you’d like Sedalia to continue to participate, be sure to let your state senators, representatives, and the Governor all know about it. It was a great event, and I personally hope it wasn’t a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Sedalia.

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