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Digital Marketing Insight – BOLO 2012

By October 12, 2012 No Comments

Digital marketing and media continue to evolve into an ever-increasing component of today’s integrated marketing plans.  After participating in BOLO 2012, one of the industry’s leading conferences, here’s some of my thoughts on its most significant takeaways.

  • Bake your SEO strategies into everything that goes online. SEO is paramount as a key function for improving your online performance. Make it one of the first things you talk about with any new project.
  • Social media has become a layer in most people’s way of life. It’s no longer just a channel, but a thread throughout a company’s online program. People are waking up and going to bed with Facebook. You should be there with them.
  • Everyone has a high-speed internet connection in their pants, so if you don’t have a mobile experience in your plan, you’re missing a huge opportunity to connect with customers.
  • Work to improve your share of voice, not just share of market. If you don’t have the budget to keep up with your competitors, you’ve got to do more creative things to stand out.
  • Be a YOUtility to your audience. Give them valuable information and be helpful and you’ll attract more loyal readers and customers.Social Media
  • Optimize your press releases. Don’t miss the opportunity to put SEO juice into your public relations.
  • Content marketing has developed way beyond the adage of “content is king”. It’s become a leading strategy to build your web presence.
  • Message boards and forums have become a surprisingly popular place that people are turning to for information and opinion. The statistics are impressive.
  • Content is fuel. Social media is gasoline. Build valuable content and use social media to power it through communication channels.

As we digest and analyze all that we learned this week, we’ll offer up more thoughts and ideas that you can use to improve not only your digital marketing, but your totally integrated efforts.  Stay tuned and if you were at BOLO, give us your thoughts.