How To Create An Additional Hour Each Day

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Right up front, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I love It’s not because they sell downloadable audio versions of pretty much any top selling book for as little as $9.56 per book (far less than the price of books on CD), or because most plans include a complimentary subscription to the digital audio version of either The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times.

No, the core reason I love it is that makes it simple for me to buy extra hours. You see, every day I make my mini-commute to work. Because I live outside of a major metropolitan area, I have no rush-hour traffic fight. But still, between running kids to school and trips to work twice a day, including the lunch trip home, I easily spend an hour alone in the car each day.

For years, I spent that hour listening to music (which I love) or the radio (which often infuriates, but seldom educates me). I consider myself educated, but came to realize that I was no longer educating myself via books. I just never found the time in the day.

Then I discovered, and started downloading audio books to my computer for later transfer to my personal MP3 player. I run that through my car stereo using an inexpensive FM transmitter, and I’m listening to top books – from business to history to just pure entertainment – in those down times. VoilĂ ! I’ve added an hour of productivity to my day! On top of being enjoyable, I also find that there in the solitude of the car I absorb the content well.

I should note that free podcasts can be a tempting alternative to These podcasts often have both outstanding content and high production value, though in all fairness, the quality varies all over the board. I listen to podcasts on a weekly basis, and encourage you to do the same. They fill a different niche, but they don’t replace the books I’ve listened to from

Wonder what I might have been listening to all of those hours? Leave a message or send an email, and I’ll be happy to share a few of my favorites!

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