Lesson 19 – Pay Attention to the Little Things

Lesson 19 - Pay Attention to the Little Things

The marketing business has elements of big idea thinking and lots of details, and both are vitally important. Clients need big ideas that will move the needle in their marketing and advertising and you must pay close attention to detail to make sure everything is accurate and right. We started working with ProEnergy Services before their dream of a campus became a reality. We got a shot at their business because they couldn’t find anyone who could ensure the quality they were looking for in their printed materials. We assured them we could, and we did, and we went on to enjoy a 10-year working relationship that saw them grow from a handful of hard-working individuals to a team of hundreds who worked all over the world. Be sure to pay attention to the little things because they can turn out to be something big. Thanks to the Canon family and ProEnergy for a wonderful relationship.