Lesson 23 – Face the Music

Lesson 23 - Face the Music

We started hearing about Facebook back around 2010 as the college students we knew shared the ways they were using it. It sounded interesting, and valuable to an extent, but we had no idea it would become what it has. When the opportunity came along for us in the non-academic world to start using it, some were truthfully slow to adopt it. But, as the momentum for it grew, we were driven to face the music and “get on” social media. What the heck. We were now Facebookers! From there, we added it into our agency’s marketing mix, learned how to use it for our purposes and rolled it out to our clients to get on board….and they did.

Today, there are lots of social media outlets for folks to use but Facebook is still the 600 pound gorilla. We’re glad we jumped on board when we did. It’s been a great part of our business for years now. We just wish we would have bought more of their stock early on.