Defining Actionable Data

OUTdrive Episode 107 with JJ Reynolds

OUTdrive Episode 107 with JJ Reynolds

In today’s world, you can get data on just about anything. This leads to many businesses drowning in reports of thousands of rows of numbers. At Callis, we like to say that “data without action is just trivia,” meaning that unless you can do something with it, it’s just a number. On this episode of OUTdrive, our guest and business owner JJ Reynolds shares with us how his company, Mediauthentic, works to collect better information for clients and present it in an actionable way.

JJ Reynolds is the founder and media alignment strategist for Mediauthentic. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Pacific Union College in California, JJ started working in the field of marketing as a videographer, creating marketing videos and other assets. But he realized that organizations didn’t know how to leverage those assets once they had them. Now, he focuses on assisting businesses in measuring and acting on their marketing data. He’s found that what most digital businesses need is someone to provide reliable and consistent analytics, and how they can better utilize that data to improve their business.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by reports and analytics, this podcast episode is for you. JJ takes us through how to simplify the mounds of data and shares what metrics every company should be using to chart improvement.


  • 2:00 – JJ shares his career journey into media buying and video production and how that inspired him to chart an entrepreneurial course in marketing analytics
  • 4:30 – JJ explains the type of clients he works with and the insights Mediauthentic provides to them
  • 6:00 – Cliff and JJ discuss the “silo” default setting most companies fall into
  • 8:30 – JJ’s approach to remote work and how it led him to settle in Reno, Nevada
  • 10:00 – How JJ’s analytical, curious, and creative traits led to his career path and are seen in his personal life, as well
  • 13:45 – JJ outlines what his average day looks like as the founder and media alignment specialist at Mediauthentic
  • 15:45 – JJ explains how a dashboard can change the way somebody thinks about their marketing
  • 20:00 – What the process of engaging with Mediauthentic looks like
  • 22:15 – JJ shares some of the metrics and the strategies that every business should be using
  • 25:30 – JJ and Cliff discuss simplifying the process of gathering and analyzing data
  • 31:00 – JJ talks about the marketing benefits of podcasting
  • 33:15 – How to contact JJ at Mediauthentic and use the free tool on