Lesson 33 – Look Beyond Your Core

Lesson 33- Look Beyond Your Core

We are strong proponents of niching down and focusing on your core competencies with your products and services. It makes you better at it, it increases your efficiencies and you become known for it.

But from time to time, you should look outside your core for things that you could make or offer that just make sense. Parkhurst Mfg. is a prime example of this. Parkhurst is well known in the work truck industry for making high-quality truck bodies. They’ve been doing it a long time and they’re good at it, and they make a great product. So in looking at what they do well, the idea of making a hay bale unroller for the ag industry popped up, and they ran with it.

Today, it’s a good seller, and we at Callis have had the opportunity to help them market it, and their core product lines. Be on the lookout for things beyond your core that can help you grow your business. Many times it just makes sense.