Lesson 9 – Marketing Works

Lesson 9: Marketing Works

This may go without saying, but we know that marketing works. Over the years, when the right and appropriate approach and budget were put into place, we saw the results first hand, and our clients did too. We also saw them in our own marketing efforts. Back in 1993, we were actively doing direct mail to prospects on a regular basis, with a return postcard that someone could fill out and drop in the mail. We had been prospecting a bank in the region and one day, the response card showed up on my desk. I called the prospect, set up a meeting and the rest is history, as they say. That one mailing turned into a 25-year relationship that generated millions of dollars in revenues. Now that’s solid ROI. So the lesson is, figure out what’s best for your business, put a plan together, fund it, believe in it, and keep doing it. It will pay off.